Intelligent Use of Social Media for SEO

By Shaikul Akbar Guest Author   

Social Media has been engaged with numerous benefits for the website marketers. Few benefits were tangible (like the number of likes, fans and followers) and few not (like enhanced customer service, brand recognition and developing lasting relationships). As a part of your marketing campaign you can’t regret the importance of social media. Social Media Websites are here to stay and it is up to us to make sure that we use it to their best advantages.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is another field of online marketing, which has its own advantage in marketing your companies online. With over millions of searches being conducted everyday via search engines; a website that is not found in the search result is purely meant to be invisible. SEO is not all about raking; it’s all about building your online brand. There are many factors that affect how a site ranks in the search engines and SEO is about optimizing your site as best as possible to help it succeed.

SEO and Social Media marketing is not separated by any means, there should be an element of SEO in all your online marketing activities. As social media marketing matures, it is becoming clearer and clearer that it has an impact on a site’s SEO.

Here are a few ways you can use your social media marketing activities to aid your SEO:

Social Networking Profiles
Literally, there are hundreds of Social Networking Websites are available besides the big three like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter which has its own presence in search engines intern helps in increasing your brand presence online. These smaller social networking sites will help to cover every kind of audiences on the process. Create Profiles in these sites where you have intent to be involved with and also make sure that your active profile is going to be worth much more in the long run. Social Networking sites are the best possible place to establish good and strong relationship with consumers and build a strong community.

Add Keywords into Media Posts
Sites like twitter, where it allows tweeting 140 characters, so keywords can be used in the hash tag, stylized as #keyword, which helps your tweet to get pulled in to a search results page by search engines. On other Social Networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, etc you have more room to target keywords in your posts. The title that you use while sharing a link is a great place to incorporate keywords. Also, writing a short description about the content of each post is another good spot to target keywords.

Drive Traffic to your Main Website
Always try to drive traffic to your company website or blog by just posting a snippet of the website content or a blog post. Include a snippet which acts as a call-to-action that drives visitors from social networking website in to your website or blog. There is no point in trying to post an entire content in to the social networking website which doesn’t give you any chance to lead them in to your website. Your social media profiles should serve as gateways to your main site, not the other way around.

Try to Reach Influential Social Media Personalities
There are many people who are regular to these social networking websites, and can be an industry leader that your target audience looks to for an advice. These influential people can help in better your brand in front of their huge audience. Establishing a connection between those people helps to brand your product faster and reach the targeted audience. Social Media marketing is a give and take technique where in which you can’t expect others to share your content if you don’t share theirs. Google has admitted that a link shared by an active user has more worth than the link shared by a spam account. Influence of these social media posts can be clearly seen in the search result pages. Quantity is great, but sometimes quality is worth more overall.

Maintain Reasonable Time Frame
A recent study found that Facebook post are getting 50% of their likes in first 80 Minutes and takes 22 Hours more for the same post to get 95% of likes. So need to publish the content more frequently for the better engagement among your community. Content marketing is a critical component of SEO, but it is a fine line between too much and too little content.

‘Social Sign-in’ can be used to login via Facebook and leave a comment which intern be posted in your Facebook wall. Depending on how much blog commenting you are doing as a part of your link building campaign, you could be flooding Facebook with your actions. Some of your network might feel like you are spamming them and un-Like your page.

You also have to look at your target audience to best determine when you should be posting content. Another study found that “companies that post content on their Facebook pages outside normal business hours see engagement rates that are 20% higher than average.”

I am currently working as a Search Process Analyst in a Chennai Based Development company. With over 4 years of industry experience, I would like to share my knowledge by posting daily Search Marketing tips to my blog, the Search Marketing Journal, and publishing in EzineArticles.

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