Sell Us Your Directory?

Are you looking for the best place to sell your web directory? We always welcome the opportunity to purchase quality directories. The Directory Team Network has grown both from starting new and acquiring existing directories. Use the Contact form if you have an interest in selling your directory.

Please use the following list as a guide of the information we would like to have. The information is:

  1. Verified monthly income, (if any) broken down by source (such as listing fees, AdSense, etc.).
  2. Verified monthly traffic information, including the source (direct, referral, search engine, etc.).
  3. Type of directory software you are using.
  4. Age of the domain.
  5. The number of active and pending links along with the same information for any articles.
  6. The page rank history of the directory.
  7. Your desired purchase price.
The more verified information you provide us, the better offer we can give you.