What We Do

Why should I pay for a listing when other directories provide free listings? As a small businessman myself, I’m very aware just how hard it is to generate profit in today’s economy. However, I’m sure you have heard “you get what you pay for” –  usually as a form of short hand meaning – free is bad. I personally don’t think free is necessarily  bad.

The internet is full of free offers. I’ve found some of the best of these free offers are for trial or stripped down services. There’s no better way to decide if a product is going to work for you than to use the products with your data or your processes. For years we offered both free and paid listings.  However, as our directories became more popular, we received hundreds of free listings every day. Over half of these submissions were either of low quality or didn’t meet our listing guidelines and sadly – often both. We just couldn’t continue to maintain both high quality directories and offer free listings. Our choose is to offer the best in quality paid listings.

So, back to the original question – why should you spend your hard earned money here? Directory listings are advertising. Would you knowingly pay your hard earned money for advertising your customers will never see? Unfortunately, many of the directories found on the internet today are never seen by either search engines or anyone else. We have spent many man hours building quality backlinks. We have also spent a considerable amount of money to effectively market our directories. Our hard work and expense is paying off. All the major search engines crawl our directories throughout the day. This means your site will be quickly noticed by Google and other major search search engines.  These same search engines then drive traffic to our site based upon your keywords.